My Canadian Pharmacy History

My Canadian Pharmacy was established in 2003. A group of pharmacists unites and creates such an online platform where people may find everything required for better health. As the first step, they build a website. This website contains medications from different drug groups. The website also contains complete information about how to use these items, possible side effects and contraindications. This resource makes it possible to get acquainted with detailed instruction for use.

Our online pharmacy¬†stand—č out from other services by great assortment, low prices, international delivery, constant replenishing of the range, bonuses and discounts.


This Canadian Pharmacy staff is well-experienced. The administration promotes its employees through different conferences, webinars. They constantly develop their knowledge in different spheres of human life. Our company also gives a chance to undertake an internship for future pharmacists. The only exception is that we do not have any scientists who create and produce drugs. We are a vendor offering customers to buy generic drugs produced by well-known pharmaceutical companies.

We have also included in our team a group of online consultants. They process the requests of our customers. They also have gained prof education in pharmaceutical and IT spheres. They will try to help every customer coming across with any technical problems.

Stage-by-stage development

Our online service is engaged in daily development. We have stated the main objectives we strive to achieve every day. They are:

  • a guarantee of the proper quality of drugs and other goods permitted for sale by legal authorities;
  • provision of high-quality pharmaceutical activities;
  • constant improvement of the level of professional training of specialists.

We also decided to make our service international. It helps us gain more and more customers from different locations. Our staff processes order from different countries even the most remote. We carry out the delivery to the countries except for the most remote Asian countries. But we try to cope with it by finding the reliable delivery system for this area.


My Canadian Pharmacy is awarded as one of the most developed online pharmacies 2016. This award is one of the most valuable for us. We value our labor is acknowledged and high estimated by specialists in the pharmaceutical sphere. We have planned to develop our service furthermore to get much more satisfied customers from all over the world.

We also were awarded the prize of the most customer care department. Our customer care department is acknowledged as one of the fastest. We process the requests of our customers in the shortest possible time. What is most important is that the operators give customers the most relevant answers.

As a result, you may rely on our company. We have no aim to cheat our customers. We respect their rights for the confidential ordering of drugs. Every customer may be sure the data provided are protected on the highest level. We believe our service is what you exactly need for improving your health.