History Of Town Weaverville

Weaverville was the first location in Trinity Alps region of Northern California. This town was founded during the summer of 1850 in a wide basin that was perfect for settling a small town. May of 1851 saw Weaverville to be the first county seat of Trinity county. At the time Trinity County covered a vast area, including what would later become Del Norte, Humboldt, and Klamath counties.

The fall of 1851 saw a post office opened.

By 1854 Weaverville launched 2 bank departments, 6 hotels, 4 restaurants, 6 saloons, 3 bakeries, 4 markets, 3 blacksmiths, and different other businesses. It is noticeable to consider that all of the early development of this town happened during a time when the outside world was only accessible by foot or horse.

Residential Weaverville was subdivided into ethnic enclaves, including French Town, English Town, and Irish Town. Weavervilles’s Chintatown, which remained active until it burned down in 1905. It was home to at least 1,000 Chinese miners and merchants.

The sightseeing of Town of Weaverville