The manufacture of some medicines today is only possible within the unique prescription pharmacies. Drugs compounded in a pharmacy are safer: the level of training and responsibility of pharmacists is very high, since they are in direct contact with the patient and the doctor. We must not forget that a person is individual and sometimes a special dosage is required, which is not produced by pharmaceutical companies. The individually selected composition of the drug, the absence of preservatives, dyes and other excipients, minimizes the risk of side effects.

The compounding pharmacy in Asheville is one of the few pharmacies in the city that accepts orders for the manufacture of high-quality analogs of some medicines, as well as forms of medicines that have come out of industrial production.

In the production premises of the pharmacy, pharmacists prepare medicinal products by order of medical institutions and doctor’s prescriptions for the population, and specialists also accept orders for the manufacture of natural cosmetics and compounding creams.

Industrial pharmacies are a necessary link in the drug supply system, since they allow not only to meet the needs of all segments of the population, but also the needs of healthcare in dosage forms that have no industrial analogs, to provide individual dosage of medicinal substances, as well as to manufacture dosage forms without preservatives and other non-indifferent additives. The wide range of products in the production department includes: