The human body is a complex biochemical system which cab experience pathological processes of varying severity when affected by external and internal factors.

For many years, traditional and unconventional therapy (allopathy, homeopathy, traditional medicine) is based on a single principle of treatment – a deep analysis and an individual approach to the treatment of a patient with the calculation of objective and subjective factors.

Experience shows that, despite the growing range of finished medicines, compounding in pharmacies according to prescription does not lose its value. In addition, pharmacies sell many children’s dosage forms, where individual combinations of medicines and doses are essential.

The safety of treatment depends on the accuracy of the dose

Chemotherapy drugs cannot be applied with the same ease as regular medicines. Pharmacists should be engaged in their preparation individually.

When prescribing chemotherapeutic treatment, the doctor takes into account many factors: weight, height of the patient, his concomitant diseases and current status. With the correction of subsequent treatment, the dosage of chemotherapeutic drugs most often change. Therefore, serial dosages of factory medications make it difficult for nurses to prepare solutions for intravenous administration. Their complex compositions are a risk factor that makes chemotherapy many times more dangerous due to possible inaccurate calculations, erroneous doses, or improper mixing of components.

Compounding saves the situation

In the laboratory, the manufacture of drugs is carried out by professional pharmacists who are not distracted by the care of the sick and have the ability to carefully monitor the proper environment – asepsis, storage conditions, accuracy of measurement.

For the patient, personal preparation of preparations helps to avoid not only the health risks but also overpayments for excess doses of the preparation, which inevitably have to be purchased in a standard packaging of factory production.

For hospitals and clinics, this approach is beneficial for more successful results of treatment, minimization of risks for patients and consequences for staff, elimination of medical errors, saving the hospital budget.

Compounding in the production of drugs increases the comfort of patients and staff, maintains the safety and efficacy of treatment and leads to more rapid improvement of the patient’s condition.

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