Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

The user is solely responsible to third parties for their actions related to the use of Trust Pharmacy, including if such actions will violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for compliance with the law when using this online service.

When using the services, the User has no right to:

  • impersonate another person or representative of an organization and/or community without sufficient rights, including our employees, forum moderators, site owner, and apply any other forms and methods of illegal representation of others on the network, and mislead users regarding the properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;
  • unauthorized collection and storage of personal data of other persons;
  • promote actions aimed at violating the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Agreement;
  • violate the law in any other way.

When using this service, the User is obliged to:

  • comply with the current legislation of the United States when making an order using these services.
  • when buying products related to medical products sold by prescription, at the time of making the purchase, submit to the representative of the Pharmaceutical Institution a prescription drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Indian FDA.
  • when reading this agreement, when ordering goods using Trust Pharmacy services, the User is aware that in accordance with the US Law.

Return policy

The user has the right to refuse the goods at any time prior to payment.

In accordance with the Law of the Government of the United States, medications cannot be returned and replaced with a similar product of the same good quality:

goods for the prevention and treatment of diseases at the home (items of sanitation and hygiene from metal, textiles and other materials, instruments, medical devices and equipment, oral hygiene products, lenses, child care items);

  • medications;
  • personal care products (toothbrushes, combs, hairpins, hair curlers, wigs, hairpieces and other similar products);
  • perfumery and cosmetic products.

Return of medical equipment of inadequate quality is carried out by the seller of the goods.

Third party websites

Trust Pharmacy services may contain links to other sites on the Internet (third party sites). These third parties and their content are not checked by our administration for compliance with one or other requirements (accuracy, completeness, legality, etc.). We are not responsible for any information, materials posted on third-party sites to which the user gains access using the services, including any opinions or statements expressed on third-party sites, advertising, etc. We are also not responsible for the availability of such sites or content and the consequences of their use by the User.

A link (in any form) to any site, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Site does not constitute endorsement or recommendation of these products (services, activities).