Privacy Policy

User consent to the processing of personal data

With my will and in my own interests, I express and consent to the processing of my personal data (last name, first name, middle name, telephone number, email address) by My Canadian Pharmacy in order to gain access to the information contained on the Site. The site administration undertakes not to distribute and also not to provide my personal information to third parties for other purposes without my consent. My personal data will be used by the pharmacy exclusively for the conclusion and execution of the specified contract with me.

I am aware that the personal data I have provided will be processed in accordance with applicable law.

This consent is valid from the day of its signing, which is expressed in the further use of the site.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

In order to inform about the availability and cost of goods and the formation of an application for its purchase in a pharmacy organization, the Site Administration provides the User with access to the use of the Site and its services. By continuing to use the Site, the Buyer confirms that he has read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Site and fully accepts them.

To make a purchase in the pharmacy, the User must provide a phone number, name and e-mail.

My Canadian Pharmacy guarantees the non-disclosure of information transmitted by the User, as well as undertakes to ensure its safe storage, as well as protection against accidental or intentional unauthorized access and warning of possible risks of copying, distribution, blocking, changing, damage, loss or destruction of data.

What data does the privacy policy apply to?

The subject of the privacy policy of this site is any personal information required to enable the pharmacy to provide services to the user, which he or she reports during the registration process or when placing an order. These data primarily include a user name, email address (e-mail), contact phone.

In addition, the data that the site automatically receives when the user visits its pages is also protected: access time, operating system data, IP address, purchase history, information from cookies, addresses of visited pages.

During processing, we have the right to perform the following actions with personal data: collect, record, systematize, accumulate, store, refine, extract, use, transfer in order to study customer needs and improve the quality of our products and services, de-personalize, block, delete, destroy.

The Site Administration has the right to block or delete a user account without explanation.

To delete your account and revoke your consent to the processing of personal data, the User sends an email to the Administration of the Site. The account is deleted by the Site Administration within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of such a request.

What is personal information requested for?

The processing of personal data is carried out in order to facilitate the conclusion of the retail sale and purchase agreement of the User with the pharmacy, effective execution of orders and other mandatory actions in the interests of the User.

The client’s personal data may be used by the pharmacy partner of the Site for:

  • Identification of the user, placing an order, processing payment and entering into a retail sale agreement with the pharmacy;
  • Providing access to personalized information on the site;
  • Feedbacks via e-mail newsletters for the purpose of processing requests, notification of order status, assistance in matters related to the use of pharmacy services, providing (with the consent of the user) information on prices, promotions, special offers, product updates;
  • Periodic sending to the User information about events and news of the Site;
  • Providing (if necessary) technical or customer support to the User;
  • Implementation (with the consent of the User) promotional activities. If the user at any time wishes to stop receiving mailings, he or she can refuse to receive them by following the instructions contained in each of the mailings.

Who else can get access to my personal data?

We carefully protect users’ personal information, do not sell it and does not transfer it to third parties.

When can personal information be disclosed?

Data transfer to third parties is carried out on the basis of the legislation or with the consent of the subject of personal data. In addition, the disclosure of such information may be made to protect the rights and property of My Canadian pharmacy, as well as to ensure the personal safety of employees.

Where can I get information?

For any additional information or resolution of controversial issues, a site user can contact us at

The Site Administration reserves the right to change the existing Privacy Policy and Terms of Use at its own discretion.

The Website is not liable for damage caused to the User’s device if this occurs as a result of clicking on the links posted on the Website.