Meet Our Team

Thomas Jordan, Chief Pharmacist

Thomas is the chief pharmacist with rich experience. He has been working in the online pharmaceutical business for 25 years already. He starts working in this sphere in 90-ies. He has participated in development. He has a degree in medical science as well as business education. He is a versatile person. Thomas has a family: a wife and two smart children. He spends with them his free time.

Alisha Summers, Pharmacist

Alisha is a new-coming pharmacist. She has graduated from Stanford Medical School. Her experience level is not so rich but she expands her knowledge daily. She visits different conference and webinars directly or indirectly related to the pharmaceutical business. She is 29 years old girl with a strong desire to become a skilled specialist in this sphere. She is married and has a daughter. She spends spare time with her family, visiting dancing classes and volunteering.

Nathan Long, Pharmacist

Nathan is 40 years old. He is a skilled specialist in our pharmacy. He has graduated from Pennsylvania University. He decided to expand boundaries and transferred to the online pharmacy. This branch attracts him the most because it gives him an opportunity to apply his knowledge in IT technologies. He is also a part of a charity group. This group organizes meetings and events in order to pick up funds for people suffering from different cancer types. He devotes his life to improvements to human health. His wife supports every his beginner.

Katherine Franklin, Editor

Katherine is fond of writing essays and articles. She graduated from the Department of Journalism. Her main aim is to make people aware of possible risks to health, treatment methods, possible symptoms. She prefers spending time visiting different webinars. She is constantly enriching her knowledge in the sphere of medicine and pharmacology. She is single and devotes all her time to intellectual health.

Georgia McKenzie, Call-center operator

Georgia is a call-center operator. She will help you cope with the problems appeared. If you have issues with delivery, questions of products quality, you are welcome to use our email to communicate with Georgia. She will process your order in the shortest possible time.