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My Canadian Pharmacy – A Trusted Drug Store with a Rich Assortment

My Canadian Pharmacy is a drug company that offers branded and generic medicines and goods for your health at a favorable price with home delivery.

The project exists on the market for more than 20 years and has already managed to gain the trust of its customers. We are constantly mastering the best and the new, so our customers can rely on us.

Affordable and quality medicines with home delivery

Using our website, you get a lot of opportunities:

  • Choose and get any medicines or other medical goods delivered to your home, regardless of your residence;
  • Get a free consultation from our pharmacy’s highly qualified pharmacists;
  • Take as much time as you need and read the instructions for use carefully;
  • See the best deals and discount system;
  • Favorable conditions for delivery to your home/office/hospital save you from having to go to pharmacies in search of the right medicine.

Why buy drugs online?

You should buy medicines online for several reasons:

  • You will not stand in a queue and be able to get acquainted with the assortment without leaving your home;
  • You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the instructions for the drug and compare prices in a quiet home environment;
  • You will get your meds delivered to the specified address as soon as possible.

Today it is very easy to buy drugs online, you don’t even need to leave your home and look for the nearest pharmacy chain.

Our advantages

  1. High quality of all drugs sold in My Canadian Pharmacy. The constancy of this indicator is closely monitored by the quality departments of firms. A huge information base, own computer developments and a well-tuned quality management system is multistage and is of a precautionary nature, which allows department employees to effectively cope with their task, protecting clients of our sdrug store from low-quality drugs;
  2. A wide range; We work directly with manufacturers, which allows us to maintain minimum prices for the entire range and promptly deliver medicines specifically for you;
  3. Professionalism. All our employees have a higher profile medical education, thanks to which you will receive a full and comprehensive online consultation on any issues related to purchasing drugs;
  4. Individual approach. Every client is important to us, so we will do our best to make you satisfied with the purchase;
  5. The quality of all sold drugs is confirmed by certificates and meets the standards and requirements;
  6. Really low prices. Our pricing policy pleasantly surprises our customers;
  7. A 24-hour mode of operation will allow you to place an order at a time convenient for you and in case of an emergency;
  8. Courier service will provide quick delivery to your home, office, hospital, and save you from having to go to pharmacies;
  9. Experienced consultants will help you choose the right product, warn you against illiterate use of medicines, provide information on new drugs and changes in the pharmacological market;
  10. The work of our drug company is focused on the consumer – well-formed range, the right balance of price and quality. Customers trust our professional advice and recommendations;
  11. Favorable terms of delivery and attractive discounts and bonuses.

We are dynamically developing and striving to improve the quality of services provided to ensure the most favorable conditions for customers.

Our mission and vision

Our mission: to help people maintain health and well-being by providing professional pharmaceutical services.

Our vision:

  • We are the first choice for customers, no matter where they live: Los Angeles, Weaverville, or Buffalo;
  • We help clients here and now;
  • We are one step ahead of others;
  • Our strength is a recognizable brand;
  • We are reliable business partners;
  • We are an attractive employer;
  • We use every opportunity for development.

Our values

  • Professionalism. We know what we are talking about and what we offer to customers. We are competent, we share our experience and knowledge. We are constantly improving our professional knowledge and skills;
  • Collective activity. We work together. A joint goal is more important than personal interests. We work with a sense of responsibility;
  • Simplicity. We understand each other and our customers. Our solutions are simple and feasible;
  • Respect. We are honest and keep our promises. The client is always in the first place for us. We know our customers and deserve their long-term trust. Our business is based on mutual respect;
  • Desire to win. We are energetic and realize high goals. We do not stop on the reached. We have no problems, we have opportunities!

Quality control

  • We guarantee proven and reliable supply source. We work only with proven and reliable suppliers who have earned an impeccable reputation for many years of work in the market. This ensures the supply of exclusively high-quality goods;
  • All goods pass the input test upon receipt – “reception for quality.” We guarantee that all our products are authentical and high-quality, which is always confirmed by all the necessary supporting documentation;
  • The advantage of the automated control system created in our company is the accounting of goods by series and batches, which allows automatic tracking of the “history” of any product and completely eliminates the presence of goods with an expired shelf life.

The health of our customers is our company’s priority!

Our bestsellers: Men’s Health Products

When the pace of life is overwhelming and there is almost no time for quality rest, men have stress and problems. This is especially true of the sexual sphere. Only a person having regular sex can be completely satisfied and happy. But even healthy men experience periods when sex drive decreases. Erectile dysfunction must be treated very carefully. The key to a bright sex life is express medications to increase potency. In this situation, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra will give one hundred percent confidence and a stable result. Attention to your body and adherence to instructions are a guarantee that you will receive positive emotions and want to continue more and more!

Our site offers effective pills to increase potency, improve erectile function. If you need a consultation, we will answer your questions in a friendly and anonymous manner.

Why do we offer the lowest prices?

The fact is that we are selling generic drugs. The creation of any original drug takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. Therefore, their cost is high. A solution to the problem is the purchase of a generic, an analog of the original drug, which may differ in auxiliary substances or the name but has the same action. At the same time, they are not inferior to the original drugs in terms of their effectiveness, and in some cases even surpass them. The cost is lower since the price of generics does not include the cost of perennial trials. During production, manufacturers are guided by the finished chemical composition of the original drug. That is why it is possible to avoid expensive clinical testing, it is not necessary to promote a new brand in the pharmaceutical market. Our most popular generics are products for men’s health (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra) and asthma medication (Ventolin). Why overpay for drugs if they have the same effect and quality? The second reason of why we offer the lowest prices is our cooperation with reliable suppliers. This allows us to receive favorable discounts for bulk purchases. That is why our customers can expect low and affordable prices. We have a quality control of the purchased drugs, so you can not doubt the safety of the products offered.

What customers say about My Canadian Pharmacy

Juliette: “Delivery was prompt, without any delays or other difficulties. Packaging of medicines was very dense. Thanks to the team for the coordinated work!”

Michael: “I liked ordering from this site. No need to go anywhere to buy your meds!”

Ryan: “The main advantage is that you can find analogs of expensive drugs. As a result, you get the drug that you need but at a much more affordable price!”

Jordana: “I bought from this drug store several times. Very satisfied. Prices are lower than in local pharmacies. Delivery is always fast. I definitely recommend this store!”

Terry: “Ordered from My Canadian Pharmacy several times. I live in Weaverville and the delivery usually takes 3 days. Very convenient service. Drugs are always packed well, there are instructions attached. Shelf life is ok, no problem. Very good service!”

Charlie: “Thank you for what you do! Now I can simply order meds at home. Often some drugs I need are not available in my local pharmacy but you have everything I need!”

Mekia: “I have been using this service for a long time. I like everything – the choice of drugs, prices, service! Everything is fine!”

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